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What is CompleteCloud?

Netivity offers businesses an entire IT department and infrastructure at a fixed rate. Not only cloud networking, but all hardware, core software, internet,
backup, security, and 24/7 help desk support for a fixed per-user rate. We offer businesses an opportunity to eliminate
their IT capital expense and have an IT department that scales with them.

What should your IT look like?





Hardware and Software

Helping You Get Cash

Eliminate your IT capital expense and release your cash back into your business. 

In today’s small to medium-sized business world, a typical business spends a hefty 7% of their gross annual revenue on IT. Roughly 31% of that number is the purchasing of computing hardware. Now, if we take that number and apply it to a $25 million dollar company, this means a typical small to medium size business spends over $500,000 dollars in capital expense on their hardware annually! – That sounds like a bill that most companies would like to do away with if they could. Does that sound like you? What would your company reinvest in if you eliminated that $500,000 in capital expense?

We at Netivity feel the pain of companies that continue to endure the cyclical buying game of IT Hardware every 3-5 years. This isn’t only the pain of sinking your cash, but the constant management, repair, efficiency loss, and hidden costs that are associated with it. We feel the pain and believe those days are gone with CompleteCloud.

With CompleteCloud, 100% of your company’s hardware needs are provided for – and when we say everything, we mean everything: File Servers, Application Servers, Print Servers, Exchange Servers, Switches, Firewalls, Desktop Workstations, Wireless Access Points – all at a business enterprise level. You’re never nitpicked for specs or storage space. You get exactly what your business needs to thrive with a fixed price.

We provide your equipment and free your business to grow and change with our unlimited “server farm” for all of your application and storage needs. Do you need 3 servers fired up for a new application your team wants? – No change in rate. Need to increase your wireless coverage in that section of the warehouse? – Again, your rate stays the same. Even if it takes us 100 hours to set your new server up, there are no charges in projects or configurations. Breathing room for your business to grow!

CompleteCloud will change the way you grow your business by giving you a never changing, fixed-rate that includes all your hardware needs. We are helping you get there and freeing your business to reinvest sunk cash, control costs, and have some breathing room to grow.

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Disaster Recovery

Helping You Get Sleep

Business runs on data. Never lose yours. Why put your business at risk?

Hurricanes, fires, ransomware attacks, hard drive corruption and backup failure – today’s business has more disasters to worry about than you can count. Most businesses are unaware of the risks of an in-house network and the amount of days it takes to restore most backup solutions. If your server room floods, how long will it take you to restore backup? How long will it take to get your revenue generating employees access to the critical information they need to work? Unfortunately, most businesses are not prepared for this task and have not answered these questions.

CompleteCloud offers the solution by placing your data in a SSAE II data center that is redundantly mirrored at geographically disparate locations across the United States. Triple redundant power sources and bandwidth, your data goes into a facility that has never been down for 16 years and offers a guaranteed 99.999% uptime.

So what does all of this mean? Cloud technology offers data protection against disaster and the ability to keep working during and after a disaster strikes. A great example of how this has played out is one of our private school customers that caught on fire over spring break. If they had been in a traditional in-house environment, they would have lost all the servers and desktop equipment. Fortunately, no kids or staff were injured, but the board illustrated a need to have school that upcoming Monday. With only a location and power, our team provided all the workstations, internet, and networking equipment needed for them to be fully functional (much to the dismay of the kids) by Monday! – Not only was their data saved, but each teacher was able to access their desktops with full functionality all throughout the process with no equipment purchasing.

24/7 Support

Help When You Need It

100% US based help desk that answers 9/10 calls within 5 minutes.

CompleteCloud’s help desk offers 24/7, 365 days of US-based support. When you call our help desk you will get a real American technician that picks up the phone 9/10 times within 5 minutes. Our US based support will never change, because we have Department of Defense vendors that have a requirement for only Americans to handle their data.

When you call, the person who gets on the phone is never a receptionist who redirects you. They are a tier 1 technician who will immediately begin working on your problem. This creates a streamlined and efficient approach to solving your problems.

Some of our “bragging statistics” include:

24/7 365 Help Desk Support

  • Only 1% of all CompleteCloud users open a case in any given day
  • 9 out of 10 calls are answered within 5 minutes by our support team
  • 90% of all open cases are resolved within 30 minutes

On-Site Support

  • Local Support Team in Huntsville and Nationwide Field Tech Partners
  • On-Site Support Service Level Agreement
  • Less than 0.5% of users require on-site support annually

Managed Security

Helping You Get Safe

The most secure private cloud solution available.

We are proud to offer the most secure cloud service provided in the nation with specific direction towards enforcing your companies security and privacy regarding your applications and data. The fundamental building block of the CompleteCloud solution is security. We offer a private cloud solution specific to you and your business. You will never share that space with another company. Your servers sit in their own specific domain behind your own firewalls.

Our data centers have multi-layered physical and digital security measures in place. Equipped with video surveillance, 24/7 security guards, and biometric scanners monitoring your data center space, no unauthorized individuals will ever have access to your data.

Your data is stored on enterprise-grade hardware equipment that is traditionally unaffordable and unavailable to small businesses. When we host your critical data, you instantly upgrade your network to a safer and holistic solution. You will never have to upgrade these services from a capital standpoint. All of the security equipment and software that you need is included in the utility price model that CompleteCloud is based upon. We help ensure that you leverage every aspect of cyber security available to pass any compliance audits that your business will need down the road.


Helping You Get Plugged In

Let us pay and manage your internet

The goal of CompleteCloud is to eliminate any and all IT distractions to your business. Dealing with vendors and internet service providers takes away valuable time that you could use to further the production efforts of your company.

The CompleteCloud solution leverages key relationships with ISP’s to take those interactions off your day-to-day job duties. We will manage your relationships with ISP’s and we will even cover the costs of providing internet to your business by including it in your utility-based model. We are often able to upgrade your current service. We roll it right into the cost of CompleteCloud without a change in price for you and your team. We absolve the internet bill for you, manage it, and check in with internet providers when your business loses connectivity.

In the same vein, CompleteCloud will manage and provide vendor support to any business line applications that you need for operations. Specialty software and programs are vital to all business’. We don’t want you to spend valuable time dealing with vendors when they decide to update or patch your current software. To prevent that, the CompleteCloud Support Desk will work as your vCIO and navigate the relationships with your vendors for you to continue focusing on what you do best.


Helping You Get Anywhere

Get rid of your clunky VPN and access your fully operational desktop on any device and anywhere.

All over the country, business are identifying the incredible benefits that come with increased mobility for their employees. Mobility is a standard for staying connected with your team and customers. If you can’t access your desk are you hampered from being productive?

The CompleteCloud mobility solution enables your business to work from any space, from any device, at any time. If you have access to the internet you will be able to connect to your coworkers and customers from any airport, coffee shop, or off-site location. Your business’ efficiency will never be compromised due to inaccessibility.

We will improve the way that you work. Through enterprise-grade cloud mobility solutions, your business will thrive with greater collaboration, response times and a higher standard of technology performance. Access to file servers, applications, and shared databases are always available regardless of location and regardless of your LAN speed. The internet footprint provided by our solution is so small that latency will cease to be an issue for your company’s operations.

Benefits For Your Company:

  • Fully customizable offline access to corporate data
  • Greater employee engagement and satisfaction through site independence
  • Productivity increases throughout your employee structure
  • Optimized business workflow and collaboration, anytime and anywhere

CompleteCloud For Your Business

Helping You Get There

Netivity’s CompleteCloud is the most robust cloud solution on the market. Our hope is to create an IT environment for your business that doesn’t distract you from doing the work you are supposed to do.

With CompleteCloud’s unique pricing model that provides a business with all their IT needs, we offer IT the way it was supposed to work since the beginning: secure, predictable, scalable and affordable.

No other Cloud environments on the market offers an entire IT package that actually saves your company money like CompleteCloud:

  • All your hardware and all your Microsoft Core Infrastructure licenses (SQL and alike)
  • Your local internet bill, covered
  • 24×7 US based help desk and local onsite support
  • Complete mobility accessing your remote computer from any device, anytime
  • Advanced Cyber Security protection
  • A robust backup and disaster recovery plan built for your business

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